Culote Pro Hombre - evernya evernya
Culote Pro Hombre - evernya evernya
Culote Pro Hombre - evernya evernya
Culote Pro Hombre - evernya evernya
Culote Pro Hombre - evernya evernya

Pro Men's Shorts

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Buying this kit you collaborate to continue researching and developing treatments for "CMM".

The Association of Metastatic Breast Cancer (CMM), was born from the initiative of a group of patients affected by this disease who seek visibility, empower patients with information and at the same time promote research in the cure of "CMM" .

But above all, what the Association is looking for is to encourage more and better research, since it is the only way to achieve a cure for metastatic breast cancer.

Therefore, with the purchase of this product, you are donating €10.00 directly to the "CMM Association", which will be used for research and development in advanced treatments in the "CMM" cure.

Although for all the cause is what matters some of you have asked us for the technical description:

 For our part, we have made this garment with the best Made in Italy MITI fabrics that we have today.

Fabrics that will provide you with unparalleled comfort due to the high density and elasticity lycras.

All of this together with a completely new pattern with seamless straps, ventilation rear panel with included pockets and rear reflective bands in the femoral area, technologies that provide safety, comfort and a perfect fit.

*IMPORTANT: This product is made under reservation, therefore the term to receive it is 30-50 days.

As you should understand, returns are not allowed (Except for product defects) as it is a donation in addition to the nature of a personalized product.

* In this case, the unit will be replaced by one in perfect condition.

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