About us

Who are we
In EVERNYA, "inhabits" a great team of people passionate about sports who take good customer service and respect for nature very seriously.
"Like you, lovers of sports and adventure", with one goal in mind (MANUFACTURE THE MATERIAL YOU NEED SO YOU CAN ENJOY WHAT YOU LIKE MOST).
Our name is born in honor of the oak lichen "evernya" Is there a better example of adaptability, evolution and creativity than nature?
Normally we work with small stock collections that we replenish as needed, we also have special and personalized products on demand to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We don't create products that consumers don't buy, and every item we make comes with the full attention of our staff.

Offer the solution that each athlete needs to feel good about themselves and enjoy their sports discipline to the fullest.

Delivered to evolve every day from the fabrics to the smallest detail and it is not enough to be sustainable, it is necessary to go further and offer athletes kits that make them happier. The world needs empowered people, who feel proud of themselves, strong and in their best version.

Making you feel good is the daily motivation that leads us to study how to offer those unique and inspirational products that take you to the highest level.

Why was evernya born?
The EVERNYA brand was born after years of service to the athlete through other collaborators and being honest due to the global boredom in the world of kits offered to the athlete. In 2020, the great step of naming what we already manufactured was taken. Also a bit of an answer to what any sports lover needs.
Established in Spain and keeping "the secret" that is not a secret, choosing the best materials from each place and putting them to the test on the battlefield, "mud, snow, water, extreme situations..." we maintain and improve what works and we throw away materials that don't meet your standards for comfort and reliability.
EVERNYA exclusive manufacturing.
Our mission to satisfy the athlete with unique materials.
Faithful to our love for cultural synergy and diversity of ideas, which is another of the motivations that drives us. We are 100% sure that ( United we are stronger) , no matter where you come from or where you are going.
Do not forget that you can visit us at our Showroom, by appointment, located in La Solana, Ciudad Real, a town where we have our main logistics center for Spain.
For more information:
- info@evernya.es
- 692215277-663892977