MTB for beginners

It's been around your head for a long time, you need a hobby to get you out of the routine to de-stress, you've already thought about Mountain Biking but you've never practiced it before and the fact of starting from scratch slows you down. Well, we have good news for you.


Maybe it was your cousin who encouraged you, or that coworker, maybe an old friend... But you still don't dare to take the plunge.

"It's just that I haven't ridden a bike for a long time, or rather, I never rode a bike . " Who was born taught in this life for everything? Being new to something is not a problem, what can cause premature abandonment is not receiving good advice, because let's face it, a start on the right foot is always better . Mountain biking is riddled with many unforeseen experiences and therefore “first times”. From the first time you get on a bike, your first trialera, this is for me! Suddenly you fall through the clipless pedals, or you switch to tubeless or you think that more travel means more enjoyment…



The mountain bike requires adaptation to the environment. The extreme conditions of the tracks are supplied with technology and sophistication that current bicycles and all their components and accessories offer us, although the high prices make access to this sport sometimes not affordable or even the unnecessary purchase of a bike for depending on which MTB variables can make you make a bad investment if you do not have good advice .

That is why at EVERNYA we have thought of offering you some basic tips so that you have a basic notion and at least make the right decisions.

Corner store, specialized multi-brand store or low-cost department store?

You can find professionals in any of the 3 variables , but as a general rule and after our experiences, the best staff is in specialized stores .

In large stores you will normally find a "low cost" product more aimed at an economic or medium range and, if they are very large surfaces, there are very low ranges even in 26" wheels that with unsaleable remains, avoid this market.

Be careful, not all large surfaces are like this; Some of them have competent cycling departments where you can have good service and sufficient beginner and average ranges , as well as acceptable after-sales service.

Corner shops , as we affectionately call them, on the other hand, also tend to have entry-level and medium ranges at contained prices (between €400 and €800) as well as higher ranges, normally on request. These types of stores can make your life easier when it comes to maintenance by having them close to home and closer attention. They are generally stores with little selection of products, but they give you a close service like few others.

The specialized store, what to say, not only has a large offer in the medium and initiation ranges, but also competent staff, who will guide you professionally, all with technical services that can repair forks, wheels and brakes. disk… in short, everything you need to get out of trouble. Selling a bike can be very easy, providing an after-sales service not so much.

What kind of bike do I choose?

Stop to think how many days a week you are going to use the bike, as well as the terrain, budget, in short logical things and no less important basic ones. The low ranges are assembled with low-quality components, both wheels, forks and gearboxes that are not very resistant .

If you can afford it, try to get closer to €1,000 . In these ranges, the usual thing is a rigid bike (with a suspension fork between 100 and 120 mm of travel) with an aluminum frame and well, as usual, available in 27.5 "or 29". Also value a part of the budget for a comfortable cycling jersey and, above all, a high-quality shorts with a pad that gives you comfort in terms of breathability, padding, and everything else.

Be careful, the size of the painting is (very important that it be the right one). If the terrain through which you move or live is a trail area or without long and steep ramps, consider the possibility of a more rolling or gravel model . A specialized store will be able to guide you with more ranges and models on offer and will help you better with the choice. Although it is not necessary to start with automatic pedals, we recommend trying to adapt soon, adjust them to your liking and start enjoying.

But, what is the difference between the 27.5”, 29” and the 'Plus' wheels?

At first everything will seem fine to you, but soon you will start to notice differences. On hardtails, the differences in handling between a 27.5" model and a 29" model are small if you're not very well-rolled . As for the plus (27.5+") , the offer is smaller and they are a little more expensive. The plus configuration usually gives a little more comfort , a lot of grip on technical climbs and descents, but adds a few grams of weight to the set that You will notice when moving development in slow areas .

In this sense, there may be a lot of marketing (it depends on the brand), purely by physics, a 29” has a slightly more fluid step over obstacles than a 27.5” (it eats more potholes and stones) and in a certain way you It's going to give a little more stability and traction. But in slower, technical, fast-turning areas, the 27.5” fits better.

What if I start with an e-Bike?

There are no laws here. If your colleagues also take it (important) unless you start out in a very low physical condition, then it doesn't matter if they go with a normal bike and you with an e-bike, also count on your budget allowing it, an electric one will work for you. make life easier. You will be able to pedal with people with a higher physical level without problem and they will allow you to do routes unimaginable for an amateur .

We think that riding with an e-bike is another concept. Purists will never be in favor of an e-bike, which is to be respected and understood, since the magic is lost. But this is for another debate... Going back to the topic, saying that the outings with these devices are much more satisfying and you improve your form little by little without suffering until you fade away until you switch to a conventional bike if you feel like it (we doubt it). Against, they have the price and maintenance.

automatic pedal?

What's that? The pedal with which the amateur finds an easier way to fall, by not remembering that you are anchored. Apart from that, we highly recommend them since automatic pedals help you to work all the muscles of the leg and use the energy of the pedal stroke .

This is a world. There are endless cleats so that the release can be done with a minor turn and you can take your foot out sooner.

How much do I spend on clothes?

Well, whatever you see fit, but we advise you to wear quality clothing like the one we offer at evernya.

The most important thing is the pad, there are many hours sitting and different postures, it will depend on whether you want to spend a few days without feeling the area or even want to go ahead of time.

The world of cycling fabrics has evolved a lot at the same time as manufacturing with laser cut sleeve jerseys, seamless jerseys, carbon fabrics, shorts with three-density pads and even 5-density pads, sustainable materials and the latest. Cycling clothing with carbon fabric that reduces friction of the fabric against the skin and therefore fatigue.



Do you ride tubeless? And for what?

It is a system without an inner tube with a tire adapted to contain the air inside in conjunction with a specific rim. Come on, same as your car. This is achieved with a latex liquid injected inside the rubber that prevents air from escaping to the outside, allowing the use of lower pressures (which improves grip, comfort and therefore safety), all without punctures.

The low ranges or (in initiation ranges they are not usually fitted as standard with tubeless), in addition to rim tapes (in these ranges the rims are not usually prepared for tubeless either) and the specific valves and fluid. In total it is an investment of around €90-120. Although it is honestly worth the investment.

How about a single plate?

Chic @, there are still triple and double dishes , but with today's groups they are increasingly in disuse. The triple chainrings are typical of basic or recreational models typical of models of large surfaces.

Basic mtb technique

We recommend starting in simple areas with little technical level and short outings . Give yourself time to improve your mountain bike technique little by little, it is not convenient to rush your progress. The physique will come to you with hours of cycling. Look for light areas where you enjoy, which is what it is about, look for wide gravel tracks or similar. Wooded areas without rocks or roots are also very "enjoyable" for the bike .

At the company level, the best companions who have a technical and physical level similar to yours or at least patience . In this way you will be able to keep up with the group without any problem and if they are patient they can even teach you so that you improve little by little. This is super important because if you go out with high-level groups you can have problems in the technical areas and your nerves can play tricks on you, get discouraged and crash or you don't enjoy it directly.

Tips for MTB beginners

Look for a person who knows how to advise you and find your comfortable position on the bike, we are referring to the height of the saddle, handlebars, suspension settings, gear configuration, tires, etc.

Take care of your bike, keep it greased and above all be careful with pressure washers, they are the number one enemy of bearings.

When pedaling, look for adequate gear ratios with a good pedaling cadence (get advice on the turns per minute) . An optimal cadence avoids excessive muscle wasting in the early stages. It is common to see 'newbies' nailed with long developments of low cadence, forcing the muscles and joints and ending up broken. Do not be one of them!!


We hope you have enjoyed our tips.

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See you next time.