If you are looking for your personalized rowing suit for your club, today we are going to help you choose the equipment for the team.

First of all, you have to differentiate between what you are looking for, because although anyone outside of this beautiful sport might think that rowing and canoeing are all one, you know that they are quite different.

The purpose of this article is not to talk about disciplines and subdisciplines within rowing or canoeing, but rather to find out what would be the best personalized rowing kit according to your club's priorities.
As a curiosity they will be thinking why we are not calling them "banana paddle". In Spain it is more common to speak of a banana tree than a rowing monkey.
We also do not want to go into the exact explanation of why it is called that, since you surely know the story. For those who don't know, this comes from the color of the material used to make the rowing suit years ago.

old rowing bananas


What is every rowing club looking for?

First of all, good adaptation of the rowing suit to the body of the rowers to avoid chafing on the skin and, above all, the formation of wrinkles in the rear part, which would lead to causing the dreaded sores that come from rubbing against wet skin. be it due to the weather conditions of rain, wind and waves or your own sweat, then also very important we want it to fit well to increase aerodynamics.
A good rowing suit should fit well but not be overwhelming, otherwise it would reduce the ability to move and this is key.
Today, luckily, there is a lot of technology to manufacture a quality rowing banana.

rowing boats
Key points to have a high quality, performance and adaptability rowing suit.

  • First point, flat seams, a lot of work is still going on with normal seams, overlocked or "seams in the same tone", the positive of the seam in the same tone is that the logos are not cut and the design remains very visual, the negative is that they can Chafing, although it is not something that is always true, can occur more easily in this seam.

We recommend flatlock or high-end seams.

  • Second point, the fabric of the lower body if it can be water repellent better than better, although water does not enter the trawler "unless it rains or there are very bad conditions" there is the sweat factor. The drier you go in the friction zone, the better. It is also important that the fabric of the rowing banana is resistant to friction and friction so that it maintains its benefits for longer.

  • Third point, the area of ​​the upper body if you go with a very soft lycra and openwork mesh type to improve breathability much better, here it is important that the fabric of the rowing suit is soft since it is breathable but the perspiration holes they are rough and rough, they are worth nothing to you. Better that it be smooth fabric if it does not guarantee softness.

  • Fourth point, the leg bands of the rowing suit must be with an optimal fit without being too tight and not ride up. For this, it is always necessary to resort to the best suppliers of this specific component.

These are some of the features that you can demand if you are looking to customize your club's rowing suit. There are more details for sure.
If you want to know more about how to customize your rowing suit, you can ask for help by tapping on the following image:

rowing suit

We hope we have opened the way for you in one way or another to find the personalized nautical equipment you are looking for. Greetings and see you in the next one.