Have you been looking for custom speed skating clothing for your club for a long time but can't find what you're looking for?

Next we are going to tell you a little about the new fabrics for your speed skating equipment and explain what details in the design of the suit can make you more efficient.

In a sport where friction matters, talking about aerodynamics is talking about high performance and results. Many times we invest large sums of money in carbon, wheels, bearings… And what about the kit?

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We all know it's important but sometimes we prioritize improving just the skates and then we'll see later. But it is that everything is important.

What are the keys to a good speed skating suit?

Well, that it adapts to you completely and not that it has to be the athlete who adapts to it, then, that it sweats, that it does not rub, that the zippers are good and protected, that the pattern is aerodynamic, small and flat seams , among other things.

custom speed skating jumpsuit

Today's technology allows us to do wonders and not only when it comes to clothing, for us what has advanced the most are fabrics and machines for laser cutting fabrics and printing for sublimation.

Today's speed skater can enjoy a speed suit with breathable fabric in the upper area and highly adaptable lycra in the lower body, and all without sacrificing the best aerodynamics.

Lycras with high breathability and adaptability have recently been presented that improve wind resistance, implement ventilation for the skater and if you add to this all the options offered for customization in colors, zippers, panels and bands of the legs, which have an intelligent compression in the four senses of the fibers make it much more comfortable to add kilometers.

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