How to get back into good physical shape.

Today we are going to talk about something that, although it should not be common, happens more often than any athlete wishes.

Speaking with Jose Antonio Guerrero about his last race TRAIL COSTA QUEBRADA 21´ he told me that he felt without strength to face the race, he felt that his legs weren't working for him.

TOTO: Jose in action.

(We are not going to go into much detail about the exceptional situation that we have experienced, COVID19, which has robbed almost all of us of our physical shape and many other things ).

How to avoid or at least minimize the risk of suffering a total lack of rhythm?

Before we begin, we detail that Jose is the father of 3 children and the owner of a business in which he works 6 days a week, an average of 11 hours.

The intention of specifying this detail is for many to put themselves in the situation, since in this world there are extraterrestrial heroes like KÍLIAN JORNET who seem to be from another world due to their deeds "although not exempt from the daily mental combat" that Trail running demands and well, then there are the unsung heroes.

You, who are reading this article, may not have realized that you are part of the second group.

Let's get to the point!

Jose, how did you prepare for the race?

LAUGHS. How could I! Did I really prepare it? Hahaha, after so many months without feeling motivated by the competition, I tried to let myself go, I forgot the small details that had worked for me in the past, those details that gave me strength.

What are those details?

Thoroughbred horse legs, but with the strength of a Percheron horse. LAUGHS

Well, you know how Trail-Running is, YOU NEED LEGS, when I got to the race and saw the legs of the other runners, I already knew I had work for this year.

The secret was that he had to exercise his legs again in the Gym. Lots of specific weight work and my TITAN training.

PHOTO: Jose during a training session.

What is that TITAN training?

You know, in the area that I live there are few unevennesses, but that is not an impediment for me. I found a section of about 150 meters of positive elevation gain in 1600 meters, what I do is go up as high as my legs can take me (WALKING), so I strengthen my glutes and hamstrings and when I arrive, I turn around and go down with everything I have . THERE IS NO REST just to hydrate and face the next climb. I repeat it 12 to 15 times per workout at least 3 times a week.

That sounds tough Jose, physically and especially mentally.

- I assure you that it is. The most important thing is to recover well, for this I hydrate a lot, and I avoid salt deficits. If you make the muscle work without water or salt, you know that the recovery will be much longer and honestly I cannot afford long recoveries. An essential product for me are the BCAAs so that I don't stay “empty” for two or three days.

Tell us about your diet Jose.

I don't follow a very specific diet, I'm naturally a selective person with what I eat, there are many fatty foods that I wouldn't eat even if I wanted to, honestly I don't like them, so it's easier, I get by with homemade food, whatever there is at home, then I take a supplement between meals and during and after training. Not much either. Magnesium to avoid cramps due to deficits, some protein bars to replenish and little else.

What is your goal in the short-medium term Jose?

To reach the end of the year in good physical shape, I want to dose my efforts and avoid injuries, I am motivated again, for that I have to take care of my tendons, I have a tendency for them to seize up, well, and my feet, which on occasion gave me a little problem, in the end so much impact takes its toll.

Now to say goodbye. Do you have a long-term goal or objective to achieve?

LAUGHS. Well I guess anyone you ask must have it I guess. My goal is to enjoy sport for many years, it is what life gives me. The mountain, nature, going out, observing its perfection, I really can't define what I feel with words.

I confess that I also love to enjoy a glass of good wine. Professional secret? No, it's just that my father's hobby is taking care of his organic vineyard, he selects the grapes and makes a wine that I can't resist drinking, the truth is, there aren't many things that make me feel better than a glass of good wine with good company. It relaxes me and brings me much more peace than the possible damage that alcohol could do.

Jose, the interview comes to an end, it has been a pleasure to share this little piece of your life.

The pleasure has been mine, thank you very much!

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