As producers we have the responsibility to fight for a better world and leave a good legacy for future generations.

Nowadays, quality is a very important part when it comes to offering any product, but there are more challenges to overcome and face, "the pollution of the planet". We need products that reduce the carbon footprint, a maxim that we have always kept in mind and here good ideas are not enough, action must be taken.

Sounds good, but what do you do when you can't always offer 100% sustainable materials? After studying the possibilities we had, we set out to find solutions.

  1. Creating limited editions with few units in stock was the first decision we made, NOT to manufacture what nobody is going to use. That would mean a higher cost in production, although we were willing to face the challenge.

  1. Search only the best quality of fabrics and patterns to increase the useful life of the garments. You don't need 10 identical garments, you need to have 4 of good quality and that fit you well, those that you always wear, but for this they must be demanding garments. Consuming less is a great way to pollute less.

  1. In production we observe that a more optimized cutting and sewing process generates less waste and therefore if we became more perfect we would be more ecological, so we started working on it and our challenge is aimed at reducing waste by 10% and in some products up to 15%.

  1. Careers, objective 2022. Be present in your runner's bag? Yes, as long as you opt for high-quality products that guarantee such prolonged use that they make up for the need to manufacture 3 poor-quality ones or guarantee recycled materials.

  1. But there will be more efforts on our part in the area of ​​events. Our objective is to create a (Collection point for useless t-shirts to recycle synthetic materials and send it to our accredited waste managers for subsequent recycling)

For 2021-2022 we will guarantee recycled products or products of a quality that makes them more ecofriendly.

In the area of ​​cycling material, we have already taken a big step when it comes to exclusively assembling the Paris and Combi models from the house Elastic Interface®, which are made with recycled materials and comply with an exclusive process in which waste generated are almost nil.

Evernya is more than just a clothing brand, it is a culture, it is passion, teamwork, feeling, inspiration, living the sport in nature, it was not created to obtain economic benefits at any price or destroy forests, families, pollute rivers , etc. Fair play is practiced in evernya.

In addition, a great energy moves the evernya machine and makes it easy to move forward, YOU! With that energy that you transmit and your support, it is easier to go for results, to overcome negative thoughts when they approach us and we feel that we can't take it anymore. We never thought that there could be so many good people and that people could be so helpful.

Thanks for your support!!

…stay tuned for part 2 of this article, we hadn't thought what was behind it.