First layer cycling shirts

In the world of cycling, any small detail can give rise to endless comments and the subject of base layers in summer is no less.

Are they really useful in summer? What style, tank top or t-shirt? Should you use merino wool or synthetic fibers? How thick should the base layer be? With or without holes?

Whatever side of each debate you are on, at evernya we reveal the advantages of each one.

Why should you wear a base layer in summer?

There are many people who will call you crazy when they see or tell you that you are wearing a t-shirt as an underlayer on a hot summer day, because it seems counterintuitive to the point of discomfort. But a first base layer shirt or summer "base layer" as it is called in the Anglo-Saxon world should be (the base) of any layer system, regardless of the time of year.

The why…

Put simply, a base layer offers next-to-skin comfort that many jerseys can't provide. When effort and sweat combine, such as on a long alpine climb, you don't want the friction from your jersey to add to the effort you're already putting in.

Plus a well-fitting lightweight base layer top will not only provide that extra comfort but extra sun protection from the harsh summer sun, not to mention wicking away moisture from your own sweat on those hot days.

The structure of the fibers of the base layer t-shirts extracts the sweat from your body in moments of high sweating; later avoiding the uncomfortable sensation of carrying a wet body with the possible chills in the subsequent descent.

Then there are the innumerable advantages for those prone to skin irritation and that is that performance by adding kilometers with irritation in the most sensitive areas will be greatly diminished.

But which one is better for me, a short-sleeved or sleeveless undershirt?

This is a question many people ask when choosing a new base layer, but it's really a personal choice.

There are some, who prefer a short sleeved t-shirt type base layer as it follows the contour of their jersey and covers all areas plus they go well with arm warmers if you're going to start the morning with cooler temperatures meaning there's no room for the skin under the sleeves of your shirt.

For other riders though, tank tops are the way to go, cutting weight and focusing on cooling your core on those sweltering summer climbs.

Do you know the base layer 4 seasons?

A four season baselayer could be one of the most versatile pieces of gear you'll ever buy.

In fact, for many people, a product like the 4 seasons short-sleeve base layer could be the first thing they look for before every ride: the base of a riding outfit for most of the year.


A four seasons base layer is designed and with each of its strands manufactured to keep the body dry and comfortable in different weather conditions.

Our 4-season top is made from four-way stretch fabric for a second-skin fit; It presents a mesh type fabric and can also be personalized with the colors of your club.

With a unique design it focuses on maximum versatility due to the open weave allowing maximum ventilation with an unbuttoned jersey in a sweltering summer climb and even giving that extra warmth in the cooler transitional seasons.

Now we are going to see the advantages of a seamless summer undershirt better known as seamless shirts although some call them compression shirts.

Seamless T-shirts have the advantage of offering comfort and freedom of movement.

The first hours of your outing you may not notice a seam out of place but with time you will begin to notice any imperfections and this is where compression or seamless shirts begin to work in your favor.

We are currently developing our version of the seamless T-shirt that will allow you to perform at your best in all conditions, working with highly breathable fabrics that, in addition to absorbing moisture, are flexible, highly ventilated and have intelligent regulation of body temperature in warm and hot conditions. .

These features give rise to comfort that is noticeable in your performance, since the strategically located ventilation added to its seamless construction makes riding a delight.

And it is that as we ourselves usually recommend it is better to go prepared based on layers that you can later take off or exchange them than not going out with a single option or coat or without the

The main factor to take into account when riding a bike is that the more comfortable you are, the more you will pedal.

Remember that a well-chosen first summer base layer can help you focus on putting in the miles without worrying about irritating your body or lack of protection.

Choose your style and roll!

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