7 in the morning, we got out of the car to prepare everything, guys, don't forget the gels and some dates, water is important, today we want to extend, while a straggling colleague is finishing parking his vehicle. The morning has dawned cooler than normal, we chat, we play the odd joke while my jaw does not stop "chattering".

Can you stop laughing at me already? But what a fellow cabr... we haven't started and they're already messing with me. Of course it is normal when I am the first to mess with them as soon as possible.

What a decaffeinated life without friends, without companions, blessed jokes, blessed sports mornings.

Well, in the bar having a drink and regaining strength after 5 hours lying on the paths, we talk, I tell them jokingly, hey, next season we need light and warm coats for these moments, even those more days of hiking and living in the mountains . Oysters, sure. What's a joke guys, you already know what it's like to start from 0 with any garment. Don't overwhelm me, please, I was disconnecting.

The week begins, how could it be otherwise and here jokes are not jokes, the answer is always the same, not having said anything, nothing we get to work with the first investigations and we discover the CUINS. Little ignoramuses that we are made of, "laughs". It was logical, in this life if something is handled by humans it has to have a unit of measurement and the feathers were not going to be less.

Which ones are we going to use? Well, the answer was clear, the best, at least +650 cuin. Yes yes the best.

The next thing was to study the market, where to buy, how, etc. Here comes the party or rather the most disgusting thing I had seen in a while, we start to watch a video of how more than 80% of the feathers on the market are obtained. Honestly, emotions overwhelm us and we remove it, we can't stand that cruelty. We are not going to explain much more, the issue had been more than settled.

What do we do?

The answer was very clear, we were not even going to use goose feathers or any other animal. Let's be clear, after what we've seen, flaunting our new mountain down jacket is like wearing a mink coat to a party. We know that many people are going to criticize us and that haters will show up to hate and criticize us, but honestly we don't care.


We have just started spring and we don't even know if we will have a great winter collection anymore, but one thing is for sure, what we have for sale will not be at the cost of enslaving people or brutalizing and mistreating animals.

We have always known that mountain and outdoor sports are for authentic people who feel the flow of nature and enjoy each day as if there were no tomorrow.

We are a small company and we have our flaws but we don't need to go over anything or anyone to say that we are the best.

!A hug and see you soon!

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  • Augusto Fernández

    Buena decisión,
    Además los plumas no son tan útiles como parecen, en días de actividad física en montaña se apelmazan mucho con el sudor y ni decir los días húmedos o de lluvia pierden prácticamente toda la propiedad de aislamiento, a mí parecer son para días de frío seco y sinceramente una buena chaqueta de fibra compactable los iguala para la mayoría de actividades en montaña.

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