Autumn is here, take the opportunity to take care of yourself and increase your defenses

The time has come to enjoy the new crop of nuts, rich in protein and other nutrients such as omega-3. Increase your defenses this fall.

Chestnuts, give yourself an extra carb.

Chestnuts are a great source of energy. A small handful of 60 grams provides you with 120 calories, since each 100gr provides 26 grams of carbohydrates and the best thing is that they are slow-absorbing .

As they are best known, they are roasted but you should try them stewed with lentils, sweet potato and mushrooms, you will be pleasantly surprised . You can also make even a cream.

The day before a test or a demanding workout they are perfect to fill your hydrate refills.

Pine nuts, use them as a powerful antioxidant

With only 30 grams of pine nuts you have 34% of vitamin E that is recommended daily, a great option due to its high antioxidant power and it does not stop there, but they also contain 25% of vitamin B1.

After a long mountain run you need to replenish your minerals and pine nuts give you a good dose of various minerals: magnesium, manganese, iron and zinc.

Can transform your salads by adding some pine nuts to the dressing of olive oil, Modena vinegar and salt, which is already a total delicatessen or take them with yogurt.

Almonds, yes, also rich in minerals for your bones

Nowadays they are available all year round, but with the arrival of autumn we have the new harvest of almonds being more tender and with many more nutrients.

Almonds strengthen the bones like no other nut, since 100 grams provide balanced amounts of the minerals they need: calcium (241mg), match (345mg) and magnesium (239mg).

Ideal for strengthening your bones, a mountain runner needs strong bones for the impacts he receives, especially when going downhill at high rates.

Hazelnuts to reduce cholesterol.

Although among runners there is not usually a high rate of them with cholesterol, it never hurts to go one step further and take good care of yourself. Also, if you are prone to having high cholesterol due to genetic inheritance, hazelnuts will regulate your levels.

They are rich in monounsaturated fats such as those in olive oil, They reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).

The best is eat them raw so that the fats are not altered and the vitamin E is not lost. To make them even fresher, you can buy them with the shell, which is quite hard, buy a tool or be careful with your fingers if you are a bit of a troglodyte.

Pistachios to maintain your muscle mass.

One of the functions of nuts in the diet is to provide protein and therefore helps maintain lean muscle mass. Pistachios contain 21 grams of protein per 100 grams .

In addition, pistachios are rich in copper, a mineral that helps your immune system, ideal for the times we are living with COV19. They also abound in vitamins B6 and B1, phosphorus and manganese.

A true ally especially when you finish a workout since these are the critical moments in which your defenses are lower, include them as post-workout food.

Greetings and see you next time, enjoy life and sport!

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